Conference sections

Section 1 Magnetic materials and systems
Section 2 Composite materials, including polymer compositions
Section 3 Functional inorganic materials, including high-purity substances
Section 4 Innovative technologies for preparation and plastic working of inorganic materials

Conference topics

  1. Dimensional, structural and impurity factors in materials science and engineering developments
  2. Information technologies in materials science and engineering developments
  3. Innovative technologies in powder and granule metallurgy
  4. Structure and properties of functional materials
  5. New approaches to plastic working
  6. Methods for studying functional materials
  7. Innovative technologies for preparation, purification and treatment of inorganic materials
  8. Rare-earth metals: natural resources, preparation, purification, designing rare-earth-containing functional materials for modern engineering
  9. Composite materials in rocket-space engineering. Structure and properties of carbon composite structural materials
  10. Functional ceramics
  11. Innovative applications of functional inorganic materials