to the VII International Conference
Functional Nanomaterials and High-Purity Substances
October 01-05, 2018, Russia, Suzdal

International Conference and Scientific School for Young Scientists, Functional nanomaterials and high-purity substances traditionally organized every two years already for the fifth time, is a major international scientific forum, which covers fundamentals of designing functional nanomaterials, including metallic, high-purity, ceramic, polymeric and composite ones, technological basis for creation of nanomaterials, problems of analysis, assessment of functional nanomaterials and their applications, as well as innovative technologies for preparation and plastic working of inorganic materials.

The Conference has high international reputation. In addition to presentations of well-known scientists, section presentations, school-conference for young scientists, as well as extensive poster sessions and round-table discussions, there will be held during the conference, where participants will discuss promising projects in the field of development of novel functional nanomaterials and efficiency of their application.

The Conference aims are to attract the attention of organizations interested in the development and modernization of their enterprises via the use of innovative developments of research institutions, as well as to attract the attention of investors, who are interested in effective commercial use of innovative scientific developments.

In framework of the VII International Conference "Functional nanomaterials and high-purity substances", it will be held the School-Conference for Young Scientists.
Traditional venue for the International Conference "Functional nanomaterials and high-purity substances" is the hotel-and-tourist complex in Suzdal, a beautiful city with rich architecture, which is a part of the "Golden Ring of Russia"