Сultural program

Suzdal is one of the most beautiful Russian cities, cultural and administrative center of the Suzdal province, Vladimir region. It locates on the river Kamenka, tributary of the River Nerl, 26 km north of Vladimir; it is Included into the "Golden Ring of Russia". Suzdal is one of the most beautiful old Russian cities with many churches and museums, merchant mansions and wooden cottages, monasteries and cathedrals; it has retained not only its historic appearance, but also the atmosphere of bygone centuries. Suzdal, once the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal principality, has about 1000 years of glorious original history. In today's city, there are more than 200 architectural monuments. By the abundance of monuments of ancient art and the preservation of their old appearance, Suzdal is known to have no equal city, and quite rightly consideres to be Russia's only city-museum. More information can be found here.

The organizing committee plans to organize a tour through the city of Suzdal including a mandatory visit to the main cultural attractions of the city.