Abstracts in Russian or English, no more than two full pages of A4, should be typed in Word for Windows editor (version 1997-2007). Only the font Times New Roman, size - 12, line spacing - 1, red line - 1 cm, text alignment – on width. Graphs and tables should be included into the text only in the form of images (jpg). Formula expressions should be executed only in the "Formula Editor» (Equation Editor).

The title is printed at the center by capital letters in bold: 1st line (title of the article) - by capital letters in bold, 2nd line (author (s) name) in bold, 3rd line (country, organization name, e-mail address of the author (s)) in italic (alignment at the center).

If the abstract is submitted in Russian, you must write the title of the report, name of authors and a brief summary in English and then, after skipping an interval, continue the text in normal font.

Parameters of the page: top, bottom, left and right margins - 2 cm, page orientation - portrait.


Template for abstract design

The name of text file must contain the name and initials of the first author of the presentation, number of the presentation (if there are more than one presentation of this author), for example: ivanov_vm-1.doc.

For the citizens of Russia, it is mandatory to send the image file with a copy of the permission for publishing (ivanov_vm-1.jpg). The originals of permissions for publication (only for Russian citizens) should be sent by mail: 119334, Russia, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 49, IMET RAS, Lab. № 12, Kolchugina N.B.

Abstract text must be added as the attached file exclusively in the on-line regime in the conference website during registration before June 1, 2016.

Only presentation drawn up in accordance with these requirements will be accepted for the Conference